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Our cutting-edge Perforex CNC machine allows us to customize modified enclosures with absolute precision. By eliminating human error, we produce metal boxes tailored to your exact specifications, all while maximizing your budget and shortening your lead times. From design to delivery, our CNC-trained team offers end-to-end customized enclosure solutions.

100% Accuracy

Our state of the art CNC machine produces perfect results, every time. And our team of CNCexperts works directly with your criteria to design or enhance your existing CAD drawings, ensuring enclosures are individually crafted to meet your unique requirements. With Aztec, you achieve meticulous results, whether shaping or punching out enclosures, assembling panel and cabinet shells, installing equipment for environmental control, or customizing enclosures with painted finishings and dimensions.

Save Money

By letting us take the customization of modified enclosures off your hands, you can invest and re-focus your resources on more productive and profitable areas of your business. We have the technical and physical equipment, the training, and the facility to produce enclosures to spec in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Save Time

Our CNC machinery and expertise guarantees swift turnaround times. This is especially true for stainless steel, which can be cut at the same speed as carbon steel. With access to our in-house customized modification enclosure services, you reduce your lead times for faster project delivery.


Pharmaceutical and Bio-Science

Our technical expertise and holistic approach to problem solving provides integrated solutions to optimize your line. We specialize in developing a historical archive of each of your system’s components for simplified validation and traceability. Our state-of-the-art barcode readers and data acquisition systems provide real-time information to meet the market’s rigorous regulatory and safety standards.


Aztec’s technically trained team of experts are focused on streamlining processes and reducing costs, all while meeting the industry’s evolving safety requirements. Our traceability solutions track the origins of each of your parts and allow for communication between machines, resulting in the most effective troubleshooting and regulatory compliance. We foster strong relationships with third-party vendors, giving us the foresight to manage product obsolescence quickly and effectively.

Food and Beverage

With customized solutions sourced from a wide range of top-tier vendors, we optimize your line performance while meeting this market’s stringent food and safety regulations. Our technically trained sales team is available every day to offer hands-on, on-site field support, ensuring process efficiency while upholding regulatory standards. We are at the forefront of traceability, with the hardware and expert capabilities to ensure your data drives real-time quality control, safety, and productivity.


Our commitment to customer support and technical expertise helps us diagnose and resolve your issues, providing customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our streamlined approach ensures each component of your production line works in synergy to achieve optimalproductivity. We foster relationships with top A suppliers with the widest product knowledge and product availability to extend our culture of caring and provide you with exceptional customer support.

OEM and Custom Machine Builder

With on-demand access to our technical expertise, Aztec provides the best customer support in building cutting-edge, tailor-made machinery. We take the entire line into consideration, ensuring an integrated solution to maximize performance and efficiency. Our strong vendor relationships give us access to a range of solutions and on-hand inventory.

Electrical Contractors

Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, Aztec has the expertise to deliver comprehensive support and customized solutions. Our on-site field support ensures on-demand technical assistance, ensuring we arrive at the solution that works best for you, no matter the problem. Close ties with our third-party manufacturers provides access to the highest quality inventory and gives us ample notice of product obsolescence, allowing us to provide you with alternate solutions that work within your timeline and budget.

Integrator and Panel Builders

Aztec is your one stop shop, providing everything you need from tailor-made parts through to approvals. Our on-site field support offers technical expertise to identify and address your pain points. Our focus is on creating streamlined solutions to reduced costs and improve efficiency. Our barcode readers and data acquisition systems ensure real-time analysis and traceability, improving safety compliance and quality assurance.

Metal Stamping and Forming

Our cutting-edge equipment and technical training allow for meticulous precision in metal stamping and forming. We tailor our solutions to your exact specifications, all while maximizing your budget and shortening your lead times. From design through to delivery, our commitment to customer care means superior support and customized solutions at every stage of your process.

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